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I'm Diana.

I like to create pretty things and sweet treats, collect vintage finds, & build a beautiful life.

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Everything on this page is original content that was written and photographed by me. Anything that I use as inspiration or ideas will be linked in the posts, &I hope that you will do the same.

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Revamping an Old Lamp

When Tim and I decided that we wanted to move, every family member, friend, and mild acquaintance asked us if we needed anything. To clarify, these people were trying to clean out their basements and attics of the furniture that had been collecting dust over the years. I'm sure their intend was to be kind and giving AND do some a little spring cleaning. Killing two birds with one stone, you could say. For me, someone who is very particular about the things I like, it's an awkward situation to be in. As much as I love scrounging though thrift stores and flea markets searching for vintage finds, I like the things I like. But when I was offered this rather plain and basic lamp from Tim's parents, I knew I could give it a good transformation. (I also have realized I had an odd fasination with lamps, being that we have five or six sitting around our apartment currently.)

As I said, pretty standard right? It had a basic off-white empire lamp shade. I think we can all agree, not the most thrilling lamp in the world. I knew I wanted some orange accents in our new living room, so the obvious way to vamp this lamp up was with a little orange spray paint. We used Rust-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in orange.

First thing we did was lightly sand the base of the lamp to just add a little texture for the paint to stick to. Maybe not completely necessary, but we did it anyway.

Then we taped off the medal lighting element and the cord to keep them paint-free.

Then Tim sprayed away! We did two coats for even coverage.

And with a new drum shade, I'm pretty much in love with it! A really great project since it only cost us the price of the spray paint and the new shade. Once the living room is together and there aren't boxes everywhere you look, I think it will add so much to the room.

Photos of the move will be up late this week!


This Week in Instagram.

We move tomorrow! Wish us luck for a smooth day.

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Photos Left to Right: His&Her's, Tim and I in Cape May, Finished my first July book, New washi tape from Papersource, Our Ikea purchases, Blackie wrapped up in my measuring tape, Mom's birthday tiramisu, First crop of lemons, and our new living room!


The Big Day is Getting Closer

We move in three days. Just three days and they are really crawling along. Our plan has been thought out, van has been booked, cable and electric is turned on, and I'm slowly packing and going through things. Ikea shopping, finishing up the slipcover (hopefully), and baking up some cupcakes for my mom's birthday tonight. It's going to be a long night I think.

My plan is to make the most of this weekend. Saturday will be hectic for a while, but we have added the reward of having friends over after everything is moved in for a few drinks and putting furniture together. Sunday will be Tim and I time to put things where we want them and maybe do some home shopping, and I took Monday off as a personal alone day.

We are trying our best to celebrate the weekends that we have together.

Once we move, I will have a slew of new projects and cupcake recipes. Very excited to decorate, get settled, and live.


Blog Love: An E-Course by A Beautiful Mess

Photo by A Beautiful MessI should start with a confession...I've wanted to start a blog for a long time. I followed several blogs (check out some of my favorites here) and received so many craft ideas, recipes, and decor ideas from blogs. I thought of them as a way to spark imagination and creativity, and read about other people all over the world who loved the same things as I did. I wanted to start a blog, a blog that may someday inspire someone to create something they loved, but I was worried I wouldn't have time to really commit to something good (and I above all wanted it to be good).

But then life moved on like it always does. I graduated and got a 9-5 job a few months later. I began to have more time and things began to feel regular and consistent. Tim and I were planning a big move to our first place together. So I decided it was time to commit and here I am.

I've been a pretty huge fan of A Beautiful Mess for several years, and when I discovered that Elsie offered an e-course for first time bloggers, I knew I wanted to take it. After reading the synopsis further, I knew it would be worth the small cost of the course for the amount of information I would receive. Elsie definitely did not disappoint.

After taking the course, I have to say the main thing I gained from it is confidence. Confidence that if I post quality posts with quality photographs, people will be interested and come back. Confidence that everyone has to start at the bottom and work their way up. I feel confident in the ways that I promote myself and this blog.

The e-course explains each facet of blogging, from writing quality content to photography to advertising, and is filled with her personal opinions and experiences. I found something noteworthy (I took a lot of notes) in each section and I now feel much more prepared to keep this thing going for a long and creative time. I feel like I have walked away from that e-course with a personal plan for my blog, something that will work for me. A plan to create a blog that I would want to read on a daily basis.

I can't recommend her e-course, Blog Love, enough and would encourage anyone who feels even the littlest bit confused about blogging to take it. It's worth the money and was a really lovely read for me.

Anyone else have any great resources for first time bloggers?

Photo by A Beautiful Mess



So this is not in any way an original idea, and if you are a Pinterest users as I am, you already know this. I've seen so many tutorials for this and decided that it seemed so easy, why not. Recently, I found three boxes of tiles in Tim's garage and we are considering building a wood coffee table for our living, so I figured that coasters would be easy, inexpensive, and functional. 

I cut some card stock to the size I wanted, ModPodged the paper to the tile, and then covered the entire thing in a healthy dose of ModPodge. I had read in a few places that using an acrylic sealer prevented the ModPodge from staying sticky, So I did two coats of that on top.

Once I was sure they were dry, which was like 3 minutes later, I turned them over and stuck some felt sticker to the bottom. Done.

Happy with the result, will probably end up making a couple sets of these to have around.