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I'm Diana.

I like to create pretty things and sweet treats, collect vintage finds, & build a beautiful life.

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Everything on this page is original content that was written and photographed by me. Anything that I use as inspiration or ideas will be linked in the posts, &I hope that you will do the same.

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Recent Purchase from PopChart Lab

Photo by PopChart Lab

Since we are gathering things together to furnish and decorate our new apartment (we move in 26 days...yikes!), I've been on the hunt for some great prints and artwork to fill the walls. In an attempt to not make it feel like only a cat-loving lady lives there, I was on the hunt for something more "manly." This was perfect!

It's an 18x22 diagram of all the different kinds of beer and how they relate to one another. The print is from PopChart Lab and the quality is beautiful and I am very excited to display it over our vintage drink cart (once I find one...I'm currently on the hunt for one.) All in all, super pleased with this purchase and Tim likes it as well! Double win.


Making Some Pillow Covers

When I lived in my last apartment, I found these green satin pillows at my old job that I used the year I lived there. Switching gears to this new apartment, I knew that I didn't want to use them, but throw pillows are always so pricey these days. So I decided to just make new covers for them all. I have six all together and I'm going to use three different fabrics.

There are millions of tutorials out there, but it didn't seem to hard to figure it out myself, so this is what I did. I used one yard of fabric all together for two pillows.


I measured my pillow, which was 16 inches, and made a pattern out of some newspaper. For one pillow, I needed three pieces, a 17x17 front and two 17x10 back pieces. I then pinned and cut.

I pressed a half-inch insteam on one of the 17-inch sides of the two back pieces and hemmed for a clean flap in the back. I wanted the flaps to overlap, covering the back of the pillow, so that's why they are each 10 inches.

Then pinned the two back pieces to the front piece, patterned sides together, and stiched all the way around with a half-inch insteam. 

Flip right side up...


And you have yourself a pillow cover! I am by no means a great seamstress, probably not even a decent one, I usually just make it up as I go. But I am pretty darn happy with the results!

**I was making two pillow covers, so that's why the one photo above shows six pieces, not just three.

***Fabric was from a $3 bin at J&O Fabrics in Pennsauken, NJ. It might be my new favorite place to buy fabric.


Weekend Finds

Our big Sunday of flea market/new giant thrift store turned out to be a slight bust. We rushed through the flea market to have time to walk through the thrift store, but the thrift store was closed since it was Sunday. Lame. I did end up grabbing this little wooden sign. Pretty silly.

The chest of drawers is what I'm really excited about. Spotted it in the trash, carried it away, and now it is going to be the home for my kitties' litter box. I'm pretty excited about it since it was free. More updates on that project to come.


Revamping my Checkbook Cover.

I'm 22-years-old and it wasn't until I moved into my school apartment and had to pay monthly rent that I actually learned how to write a check. Okay...maybe that's a lie and I learned in fourth grade, but since then, I've probably only written about three checks. I opened a checking account when I got my first job when I was 14 and they gave me my first checks (which you can tell are pretty old since they still say Commerce Bank on them.)

When we decided to move forward with this apartment, I knew I would be writting more checks (I prefer to pay my rent in checks, I'm not sure why) and wanted to get a fancy checkbook cover. That never happened and I found this washi-like tape and decided it would do. Sidenote: I was doing this on my lunch break at work so the pictures are limited and I did a poor job of documenting how it went. I'm sure you can figure it out though...Sorry about the lame iPhone photos as well...)

 I first took everything out of my checkbook and wiped it down. Then took the tape and ran it horizontally across the front, slightly overlapping. All the way up and around.

Then, since the edges were a little loose, I covered the entire thing in matte Mod Podge for good measure. And done! Super easy, probably not going to last forever, but that is quite alright. By the time is starts pulling off, I'm sure I'll be tired of it anyway!

 This is my first mini-project but more will be coming in the future!

**The tape I used is SMASH tape in Black Dot, made by K&Company. I actually bought it at ACMoore, but can't find it on their website.




Waiting to move has been both stop&go. Somedays it feels like it is right around the corner and I am so underprepared for it, other days I feel like time is dragging on.

Part of what I hope to do with this blog is take the time to document this large step in both our lives. After four years of being together, this is the next step...engagement is not (that's further down the line for us). 

So we have almost a month, July 14 we move and I have a lot to before then. Maybe to some, this is not as big of a deal as I seem to be making it out to be, but in reality, I just think it is important to document these stages of life.

**Books above are all that I have aquired since being home, both purchased&given to. They are all pretty fantastic in their own way. The French Cat by Rachael Hale, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris, Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney, Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat by Kaori Tsutaya & Amy Hirschman (I didn't buy this to really make things, just to have), I Brake for Yard Sales: and Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occational Dumpster by Lara Spencer, Cut by Patricia McCormick, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, & Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years) by Gregory Maguire.