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I'm Diana.

I like to create pretty things and sweet treats, collect vintage finds, & build a beautiful life.

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Everything on this page is original content that was written and photographed by me. Anything that I use as inspiration or ideas will be linked in the posts, &I hope that you will do the same.

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A Weekend in August

August was lovely to us. We had some cooler weather, which made me feel ready for fall and was a great little surprise. I don't know if you've caught on to this, but the weekends mean a lot to me. I think when you work a full-time job, you need to enjoy every bit of your weekends. We ate ice cream, spent time outside, went canoeing, went out for breakfast, put together a new bookcase for our DVD collection, discovered Tyler State Park, hit up the small farmer's market and thrift/antique stores in our little town, and laughed. Laughing might be my favorite part (but breakfast is a close second.) How have you been enjoying your weekends?

Photos: Sidewalk record shopping. / Inside a local collectables/junk shop. / Tim staining wood for our new bookcase. / Foam brush. / More staining. / Me watching Tim stain. / Donut peaches from the Farmer's Market. / Tyler State Park. / Relaxing after our long walk. / Rock sitting in my new Stay Home Club T-Shirt.



Lately I've been...

...dreaming about layers, tights, scarves and cardigans (but not ready to give up shorts and sandals.)

...trying to get back into eating better.

...thinking that I might be insane for ordering Insanity.

...watching Hell on Wheels and Orange is the New Black like it's my job.

...making lists of new sweets and cocktail ideas. 

...focusing on breaking my nail biting habit with gel manicures.

...considering listing some clutch bags in my Etsy shop. I just love making them.

...loving my new curling iron! I can now make my hair wavy and it actually stays. This is a miracle in itself.

...planning a little ziplining trip!

....dreaming about the rest of the year.

....thinking about planning a birthday party for my man.


Weekend Fun From June

The weekend before the Fourth of July, Tim and I spent the day down the shore. It was kind of a whim of a decision; we didn't have anything planned for the weekend, we hadn't been on the beach yet, we wanted to get outside. Because of issues with my new car, we decided to stay at a friend's shore house and once we pulled into North Wildwood, we found out there was an Italian American Festival going on that weekend. Tim and I were immediately thrilled. Italian sausage, zeppole, cheap beer, street food, oldies music, and even a meatball relay (did you know that was a real thing?)

Just another happy Saturday in North Wildwood with two of my favorite people.


New Car

This baby was so worth the wait. Just wanted to share a photo of my lovely new car because I am very much in love with it. It's just so cute!


June Goals

Half way through the year and I'm enjoying this way of setting goals. I like looking back each month and seeing if I completed them and I love that the goals I'm setting are easy and fun. Last month I wanted to spend more time outside, which we are working on (lots of morning and after work walks and a few BBQs) and get back into cooking, which is going stronger than I thought it would. I say, I cook 3-4 nights a week. That might not sound like a success to everyone, but I think it's pretty darn cool. I am also thrilled to tell you we are moving again! But this time, just a hallway over. Our apartment is bigger and will hopefully be everything we are yearning for (more space! less stuff!). Here are some things to focus on for June....

  • Get healthier. I've been thinking a lot about how I feel everyday (and maybe how I look in a bikini) and am wondering if my lack of diet and exercise is hurting me. I want to get more real food into my diet, cut out some junk by finding new things I love, and get to the gym more. I just want to feel positive!
  • Have a stress-free move. We decided to move earlier this week and will be moving June 8. That's two weeks to pack, clean, purge, organize, etc. I think the small amount of time will help me not becoming overly stressed, but I'm still a basket-case on the day of the move. Trying to avoid that for the sake of everyone.
  • Enjoy our shore time. We are lucky enough to have access to my parent's place down the shore and I want to spend that time relaxing. I tend to get anxious without things planned and just laying around, but that's what these vacations are for. 

Happy Summer!