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I'm Diana.

I like to create pretty things and sweet treats, collect vintage finds, & build a beautiful life.

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Everything on this page is original content that was written and photographed by me. Anything that I use as inspiration or ideas will be linked in the posts, &I hope that you will do the same.

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Little Things.

Summer has been flying by. It's been a month since we moved in and things are still a bit rough, but coming along swimmingly! We are about four projects away from being happy with everything (hanging shelves in the kitchen, hanging a shelf in living room, coffee table, and finishing slipcover...) We've had a bunch of people come by and hang out, drink, relax. I love it.

Things will be different around here for the next two weeks. Tuesday night I leave for another week down the shore, T will be with the drumline he teaches for next two weeks. I'm hoping to get oodles of projects done while I have tons of time to myself. Life is good.


August Goals

July was amazing. It's been pretty exciting around here and I hope that feeling continues through the last summer month. I've always liked August; it's always been a kind of reminder for me that summer is coming to a close and to start celebrating it more. T and I's schedules conflict a good deal in August, so I'm getting ready to embrace a lot of personal time to get stuff down and a vacation down the shore with my mom. Tons of projects on the to-do list, some in the works but unmotivated to finish. I need to really work on that.

I got a good deal of my goals completed last month, but still trying to work on setting some "fun" goals, as well as more serious ones.

  • Take camera out of the house more (& actually take photos).
  • Read, read, read.
  • Multiple farmer's market visits. As this is the last summer month, I need to get down their for some fantastic local produce.
  • Get my car washed. I literally haven't had my car washed professionally in years. It's something that I continue to put off and put off. It's weird.
  • Get this apartment together! I want the boxes gone, clutter away, slipcover finished, and art/photos hung!
  • Figure out T&I's daily routine. Even though we've been together for years, with both of us at fairly new jobs we still need to work out a few kinks.

Photo taken in Cape May last week.


The Big Day is Getting Closer

We move in three days. Just three days and they are really crawling along. Our plan has been thought out, van has been booked, cable and electric is turned on, and I'm slowly packing and going through things. Ikea shopping, finishing up the slipcover (hopefully), and baking up some cupcakes for my mom's birthday tonight. It's going to be a long night I think.

My plan is to make the most of this weekend. Saturday will be hectic for a while, but we have added the reward of having friends over after everything is moved in for a few drinks and putting furniture together. Sunday will be Tim and I time to put things where we want them and maybe do some home shopping, and I took Monday off as a personal alone day.

We are trying our best to celebrate the weekends that we have together.

Once we move, I will have a slew of new projects and cupcake recipes. Very excited to decorate, get settled, and live.


This Week in Instagram.

I wanted to share a few little bits about my week, and I thought the best way would be through Instagram (which I use often and really love... @Dcampeggio). I saw this idea used in some really great ways by Joanna Waterfall, Mandy of Harper's Happenings, and Elise Blaha. Cheers!

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